Movement Time

Some things have their time. That is how it has been with Cre8dance. Finding the right people to come together - with an authentic connection and desire to see dance and creativity taken to another level - has taken time.

It started with a vision. And over time that vision grew. Initially, the concept, "8 sequences, 8 weeks to create", was dreamed up as a way I could still connect to and with dance, locally, in a way that I would enjoy.

I wanted to be challenged, to connect to other local dancers and what was happening internationally, and grow. Where it wasn't about ongoing learning of a syllabus, but expressing musicality. It turns out I am not the only person that feels that way.

In a world where people will always tell you how you "have" to do things, I wanted to do it differently. So Cre8dance was born.

And we have auditions coming up so that people can be one of the 8 choreographers showcased by contributing their sequence to the Season. Please check out the video and sign up to get involved.


Together, we can move the world.

Founder: Katherine Flynn

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