And how do you move - graciously, elegantly, strangely, energetically? It takes time for a vision to come in fullness. In some ways you need all the pieces to make sense of each other. And in others you learn what is from what is not.

The most important thing? When the baby is ready it has a family willing to welcome it. Plans are more about holding to your true north. The rest is detail right?

I think in pictures. and unless something is in my calendar it almost doesn't exist. My interest in planning came from hating the futility of it. It all seemed so made up. But a picture? What does it paint? Now you're talking.

Give me pictures: wonderful, beautiful, simple, meaningful pictures. Getting to those pictures is the process. Sometimes you can work forward to it and other times back from it (fast forward and rewind in time).

That's what we want you to do with Cre8dance. Paint your own picture with your movement. Own it and show it. Live it and bring it - Cre8dance.

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