It's your body and your movement - you are unique and the way you move will be too.

So think about what you want to communicate with your body.

And how do you move - graciously, elegantly, strangely, energetically? It takes time for a vision to come in fullness - for you to know what your style is. In some ways you need to gather the pieces to make sense of the big picture. Sometimes a combination or clash of styles can really suit you or the style of music you dance to.

I think in pictures - many of us do.

Give me pictures: wonderful, beautiful, simple, meaningful pictures.


Sometimes there is as much to gain from holding a pose for 8 counts as there is from frenetic movement. It depends on how you convey - the artistry with which a simple move is performed can mesmerise.


Getting to those pictures, those ideal moments of imagery within movement, is a process. Sometimes you can work forward to it, flowing with the music, and other times back from it (fast forward and rewind in time).

That's what we want you to do with Cre8dance. Paint your own picture with your movement. Own it and show it. Live it and bring it - Cre8dance.

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