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Hey, I am Katherine,

Founder of Cre8dance

Hey, I am Katherine, Founder of Cre8dance. My secret confession? The truth is, I really wanted something I would enjoy that didn't mean joining a crew or all of the commitments that sometimes come with dance.

So, yeah, I struggle with commitment sometimes. And I also have insane amounts of creativity that I feel the need to channel. And I love doing that in a physical way. With music. And as my life has changed, in some ways, it has become less about the performance and more about the practice. And no, I don't mean the purely physical dance practice. I mean the practice of moving and being in that state, where I become one with the music; pure expression and the fulfillment of creative desire.

And that is why I created, with an awesome team, Cre8dance. And why I am thrilled to be able to share a unique dance program. I met someone awesome for coffee this morning and she asked me if you needed to have danced before and I said, "NO!". This is an easy process - you see the dance, it gets explained, you do it in slow motion and then you practice it with music.

The truth is, movement is a result of your body - your body creates your movement. So if you are a more experienced dancer you can take the extra time to get creative - we definitely want to see adaptations, creativity, interpretation. Make it a mash up and inject your own style.

So if you are new to dance, you want to learn, you want to grow creatively with a new practice then this is something fun for you to try. And if you want to find out more, check it out, here:

What am I doing here today? Working on how to get Cre8dance to you in a fun and effective way.

(Also, we are still fine tuning so message us or email: if you need support). And please check us out on social media.

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