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8 Weeks to Create - Why 8 Counts of 8

According to my calculations, if there was a 4 minute track with an average number of BPM's (the minimum for cheer is 115 BPM - still quite fast) there would be approximately 448 beats in the track. If you divide this by the number of weeks to create (so 8) you get 56 counts - for each piece of weekly choreography.


When you divide 448 beats in a track by 56 counts (for each week – the weekly beats) you get 7 weeks of 8 counts – if you want to completely fill a track.


Having 8 weeks of 8 counts of 8 means you can pick and choose what works for you in the routine you can create.


Remember at Cre8dance, you can do the dance for fun or you can take our inspiration and make it your creation. Choose your favourite track and use the moves to.


8 counts of 8, over 8 weeks, will provide ample choreography for a track – keeping in mind that repetition can be really effective to create a sense of familiarity as people look forward to seeing repeated moves in a chorus. And often, less is so much more as a tiny movement done with grace and conviction can outshine bigger movements that don’t convey as much feeling or emotion.


Also, this: is a really helpful tool to help you work out what you are working with – so thanks to the cheer community for getting the maths out there and helping us think about how we can create better dance.


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